Walking the Halls of History

These halls full of history

are haunted by ghosts.

They echo with the faint whispering

of secrets passed from guest to host.

Their shelves hold jeweled crowns

which rested on royal heads,

and their hooks hold masterpieces

of famous artists now long dead.

These halls attended marriages

and the celebration of male heirs,

gravely tracking the orderly procession

of Henry’s wives by trial and error.

They endured the exchange of the kingdom

from one generation to the next,

standing in silent observation

at titles bought for the price of a neck.

These halls have painted eyes

and frowns in heavy frames

of historic figures from long ago

with eternally remembered names.

How different must their lives have been

from those who walk these halls today,

who place their feet on worn down stone

and gawk at the splendor on display.

These halls have seen more history

than history books can show.

Even now they still stand watching,

allowing their knowledge of the world to grow.


44420990_714243158945971_3952579718707937280_n.jpg(Photo: Hampton Court Palace)

14317348_10202097448394539_6696766982095619803_n(Photo: Portrait of King Henry VIII)



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