In the Aftermath

Creator of the wind and waves,

Keeper of the sea

though you did not land the blow,

the blow struck hard and deep.

May you descend upon the destruction.

May your hope and peace overwhelm the flood.

May your comfort and endurance strengthen people

who have lost their homes, loved ones, and livelihoods.

Provide food for hungry bellies

and shelter for those with none.

Provide time and space to grieve and mourn

what cannot be undone.

You not only see the brokenhearted,

you sit beside and catch each of their tears.

You do not abandon them amidst the wreckage;

you pull them close to breathe life where there is fear.

Pour out your spirit upon this situation.

Begin rebuilding hearts in the aftermath.

Use this disaster to reveal your loving kindness,

for it is the last thing the brokenhearted have.


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